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Photo courtesy of David Moynahan. Pelican Sunset.

Bounded on three sides by water, Florida has approximately 8,400 miles of tidal coastline, and most of this state’s burgeoning population resides in its coastal counties.

These areas are most vulnerable to the impacts of storms, and Florida has specific legislation guiding development in coastal high hazard areas.

1000 Friends has been involved in a number of coastal issues over the years. For several years, 1000 Friends coordinated the recognized Waterfronts Florida Program on behalf of the Florida Department of Community Affairs, helping small communities across the state revitalize their waterfront areas in an environmentally sensitive manner.

We have provided staff support to such bodies as the Florida Governor’s Ocean Committee, and have prepared publications to help citizens better understand the forces of nature as they develop in coastal areas.


Florida Coastal Insurance Page – 1000 Friends, a member of the Stronger Safer Coalition, has created a new web page to track coastal insurance issues and their impacts on Florida.  Click here to view the PowerPoint from the February 2014 webinar, Florida’s Coastal Insurance Dilemma.

Coastal resource protection:

Florida coastal management requirements – Chapter 163.3178, F.S. defines requirements regarding coastal planning in Florida.

Coastal management requirements (2012) – This PowerPoint by 1000 Friends of Florida provides an overview of coastal management requirements under the Community Planning Act of 2011.

Florida oceans and coastal resources act (2005) – Among other things, this legislative act established the Florida Oceans and Coastal Council to develop priorities for ocean and coastal research and establish a statewide ocean research plan. The Council also coordinates public and private ocean research for more effective coastal management.

Florida coastal high hazard areas – Florida’s coastal counties are required to prepare a coastal element for their comprehensive plan. This DEO site outlines requirements regarding these plans.

Florida coastal and estuarine land conservation plan (2008) – The Florida Coastal Management Program prepared this plan to protect important coastal and estuarine areas with significant values or that are threatened by conversion.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Eads. Dunes of St George.

Other information from 1000 Friends of Florida:

Climate Change – For Florida-specific information on climate change, its impact and mitigation, please visit this 1000 Friends of Florida web page.

Florida’s coastal and ocean future: An updated blueprint for economic and environmental leadership (2012) – Endorsed by 1000 Friends of Florida, this issue paper identifies challenges facing Florida’s coasts and recommendations to address them.

Florida’s ocean horizon (1999) – 1000 Friends of Florida prepared this publication on behalf of the Florida Governor’s Ocean Committee, including information about the Florida’s ocean resources and the state’s management of them.

Florida’s ocean challenges (1998) Prepared by 1000 Friends of Florida, this Interim Report of the Florida Governor’s Ocean Committee outlines Florida’s ocean assets and management challenges.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Boldenow. House of Refuge.

Purchasing paradise (1997) – Prepared by 1000 Friends of Florida, this report identifies things to know and questions to ask when buying coastal property in Florida.

Building in paradise (1997) – A companion to Purchasing Paradise, this 1000 Friends of Florida report overviews things to know and questions to ask when building and living on Florida’s coasts.

Sand in my shoes – A brief explanation of Florida’s coastal resources, including how they work, what public programs exist to protect them and, most importantly, what you can do to help on a personal level and in your community.

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