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FREE Environmental Advocacy Broadcast with Gov. Bob Graham

Broadcast and PowerPoint available. Governor Bob Graham, along with former chief of staff to the mayor of Jacksonville Chris Hand and 1000 Friends of Florida President Ryan Smart, discuss techniques to upgrade the quality and impact of your advocacy to become a more effective champion for Florida’s natural resources.  Gov. Graham and Chris Hand are co-authors of America, the Owner’s Manual, which provides guidance on how to improve outcomes with government.  Educating citizens to more fully understand the individual and cumulative troubling environmental issues facing Florida, as well as the challenges of the political framework and governmental processes, is essential to effectively influencing decisions that will affect Florida’s environmental future. In recent years, four decades of internationally recognized efforts to preserve and protect Florida’s natural treasures have been reversed, and the trend continues. This is unacceptable. Floridians concerned about the deterioration of the physical environment and the negative impact on our quality of life need to speak directly and frankly to our elected leaders about doing a better job protecting Florida’s most important economic, environmental, and cultural assets.

Thanks to generous sponsorship by the Dr. John M. DeGrove Eminent Scholar Chair, Florida Atlantic University, this webinar is free of charge to all participants.

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