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Photo courtesy of Florida Housing Coalition. Florida Supreme Court.

1000 Friends provides citizens and groups with guidance on how to use the local comprehensive planning process to improve the quality of life in communities across Florida.

To help further this goal, 1000 Friends has earned a reputation as a savvy negotiator and tenacious litigator, when necessary.

We carefully select cases to establish legal precedents that are vital to maintaining the integrity of growth management across the state.

1000 Friends has championed over five dozen major administrative and appellate cases which have supported the rights of citizens to enforce comprehensive plans, established the concept that land has a “carrying capacity,” expanded the legal requirements for agencies to consider secondary impacts of development on the environment, confirmed the legal primacy of local comprehensive plans with development orders, and fought against regressive private property rights initiatives.

1000 Friends’ legal advocacy work:

1000 Friends’ process for deciding to intervene in legal cases See a brief overview of the questions 1000 Friends considers when it is being asked to intervene in a legal case.

Valliere Amendment Ruling — See an overview of the May 2013 Florida Supreme Court Ruling on the Valliere Amendment in Martin County which determines that 1000 Friends and the Martin County Conservation Alliance are responsible for attorneys’ fees for their appeal.

Important legal decisions – 1000 Friends of Florida has played an important role in some of the most important growth management cases of the last quarter century. Here is a synopsis of some of these cases and their ramifications.

Challenging local growth management decisions:

Understanding the local planning process in Florida (2012) – This PowerPoint presentation outlines the major components of the local planning process in Florida, as established under the 2011 Community Planning Act. It includes timelines and criteria to challenge comprehensive plan amendments, land development regulations, and development orders in Florida.

How to win land development issues: A citizens guide to preserving & enhancing quality of life in developing areas through responsible growth management (Updated 2012) – This report, by Richard D. Klein of the Community & Environmental Defense Services, provides an outstanding overview of effective strategies to win land development issues.

Find out more:

Florida’s planning process – One of our goals is to empower “citizen planners” across the state to play a more active role in shaping the future of their communities. This page includes links to information on how citizens can be active proponents for “smarter growth,” including information on time frames for legal challenges on local planning decisions.

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