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Local Planning Process in Florida

Since its founding in 1986, 1000 Friends has firmly believed that citizens must play an active role in their communities’ planning process in order to create sustainable, vital and livable communities.

With passage of Florida’s 2011 Community Planning Act, it is more important than ever for citizens to get involved in shaping their community.

Included on this page are some resources for the “citizen planner,” including a variety of publications that overview this state’s growth management process, as well as links to key state legislation and programs regarding planning and growth management in Florida.

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) Links:

State and regional commenting agencies – If you believe a state and/or regional agency should comment on a comprehensive plan amendment being considered in your community, we encourage you to contact each agency directly. You also need to notify any other municipalities or counties that may be impacted by the proposed amendment.

Florida DEO Community Planning table of contents – Find links to Florida’s state planning programs including Areas of Critical State Concern, Comprehensive Planning, Planning for Economic Development, Community Resiliency and Disaster Preparedness Planning, Developments of Regional Impact, Land Development Regulations and more.

Find your planner – Find the appropriate DEO staff contact name, phone number and email address for every municipality and county in Florida.

Challenging a comprehensive plan amendment — This DEO page includes timelines and procedures.


Become a “Citizen Planner”

Putting on a successful press event (2015) — View the PowerPoint.  Sierra Club’s Cris Costello shares valuable strategies to put on press events.  See a written overview, view Cris Costello’s PowerPoint, see the sample press advisory, see the sample press release.  Check out Spitfire’s Smart Chart to help you organize your campaign.

Understanding the local planning process in Florida (2015) – This updated PowerPoint presentation outlines the major components of the local planning process in Florida, as established under the 2011 Community Planning Act.

Growth management 101 under Florida’s 2011 community planning act (2012) – How can we protect Florida’s quality of life for ourselves and future generations? Community planning provides a powerful tool. This document provides a brief overview of the local planning process as revised under the 2011 Community Planning Act.

Citizen participation under Florida’s 2011 community planning act (2012) – Here are steps to take to raise concerns about proposed changes taking place in your community, or to promote positive change.

How to Win Land Development Issues: A Citizens Guide To Preserving & Enhancing Quality of Life in Developing Areas Through Responsible Growth Management (Updated 2012) – This report, by Richard D. Klein of the Community & Environmental Defense Services, provides an outstanding overview of effective strategies to win land development issues.

Citizen Planning Bill of Rights –1000 Friends encourages communities to adopt the Citizen Planning Bill of Rights to give citizens greater opportunities to participate in the local planning process. The following communities have adopted all or some of  the provisions included in1000 Friends’ recommended Citizen Planning Bill of Rights:  Gadsden County, St. Johns County, City of North Miami Beach, City of Hallandale Beach, Martin County, Sarasota County, City of Sarasota.



Find out more:

Legal advocacy – 1000 Friends carefully selects cases to establish legal precedents that are vital to maintaining the integrity of growth management across the state. Check here for an overview of 1000 Friends’ most important cases, and our criteria for getting involved in new cases.

Why planning is an effective development tool for Florida (2011) – In light of the economic downturn, this consensus report from the state’s leading planning and conservation groups outlines the economic benefits of protecting the state’s most important assets, saving taxpayer dollars, and developing a workable plan for Florida.

Smart growth for Florida’s future (2009) – The state’s leading conservation and planning organizations joined together to develop some consensus recommendations on how to better promote smart growth in Florida.

Why Florida needs smart growth (2009) – This series of essays from some of the state’s developers, elected officials, conservationists, and academics explores how smart growth benefits Florida.

Dr. John M. DeGrove Community Steward Webinars — 1000 Friends has hosted a series of informative webinars on key planning issues facing Florida.  Find out more about past webinar broadcasts and PowerPoints and upcoming webinars.

Energy smart planning for Florida (2011-2012) – 1000 Friends of Florida and The Future is Now Foundation co-produced a series of free webinars on energy smart planning featuring respected speakers from across Florida and around the nation. The webinars are suitable for citizens, elected officials and professional planners, and have been approved for AICP CM credits (including one for legal credits and Florida Bar C.L.E.R.).

Florida 2060 (2006) – How will Florida grow and develop by 2060 if current patterns of development continue? This series of studies shows what could be lost, and provides recommendations on how to follow the principles of smart growth for a better outcome.


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