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pompanomainThe City of Pompano Beach received1000 Friends of Florida’s 2013 Community Steward Award for its progressive efforts to conserve water through reuse.  Pompano Beach has been using reuse water for irrigation for 24 years, conserving over 10 billion gallons of water from the Biscayne Aquifer.  “Pompano Beach is to be commended for its comprehensive approach to water conservation,” noted Pattison.  The award was presented at the May 28 meeting of the Pompano Beach City Commission.

In 2012, the City used approximately 505 million gallons of reuse.  This reduction in waste water withdrawals has resulted in a reversal of the saltwater encroachment upon the well fields and has protected the aquifer as well.  This effluent is diverted from the Atlantic Ocean outfall and is further treated to improve its quality via filtration and disinfection.  Currently 2.3 million gallons a day is delivered for irrigation use, resulting in a 10 percent daily reduction in potable water demand.

“Using Reuse water for irrigation is a truly green and responsible way to stretch our water supply and protect our environment,” noted City of Pompano Beach Utilities Director A. Randolph Brown.  “All water is water and has been used over and over.  It is just good stewardship.”

In recent years, the City has undertaken extensive planning to support its water conservation efforts.  This includes the 2009 Reuse Water Master Plan, 2009 Water Master Plan and 2010 Ten Year Water Supply Plan, and City Comprehensive Plan provisions.  In 2010, the City participated in an FAU study on Sea level rise/utility hardening to determine the effects of sea level rise on a South Florida Utility and appropriate mitigation regarding infrastructure, hydraulics and facilities.

Due to the implementation of the City’s reuse program OASIS (Our Alternative Water Supply Irrigation System) many more gallons of water will be saved.  In 2011, the city implemented the “I Can Water” campaign.  In less than 12 months it reached 50 percent of its goal to connect 770 residential homes.  Besides saving potable water, assisting with ocean outfall requirements, mitigating saltwater intrusion and sea level rise, educating the public about water reuse and conservation efforts, the “I Can Water” campaign has generated work for local plumbers in support of the Mayor’s Stimulus Plan.  The city also implemented an Automated Meter Infrastructure System (AMI) to detect water leaks on customer properties and provide detailed water usage reports to customers.

“As communities across Florida struggle with the issue of water conservation, Pompano Beach has developed a model effort that already has reversed saltwater intrusion in the well-fields,” said 1000 Friends’ Pattison.  “Pompano Beach has already taken significant steps to better protect its water resources from the impacts of sea level rise.”

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