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What will Florida look like in 2070?

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Moderate projections indicate that by 2070, Florida’s population will reach approximately 33.7 million residents, close to 15 million more than in 2010.  What happens if Florida continues to develop as it has in the past, with development sprawling into rural and agricultural lands?  What will our state look like if we chose more compact development patterns closer to existing development, and protect more natural lands?

The University of Florida’s Geoplan Center, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and 1000 Friends of Florida have partnered on developing a series of GIS-based state and regional maps to explore these issues.  These include:

  • 2010 Baseline — showing existing development as depicted on the 2010 Census and Florida Property Appraiser data
  • 2070 Trend – depicting what happens if Florida accommodates 15 million new residents following existing development patterns
  • 2070 Alternative – highlighting the impact of accommodating the new residents in more compact development with greater protected natural lands

Check out the Florida 2070 website

Find out for yourself what the future holds by visiting www.1000friendsofflorida.org/florida2070. This interactive site includes an overview presentation, summary and technical reports and downloadable maps. Maps are available for the state and for the Panhandle, Northeast, Central and South Florida regions.

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Local Planning in Florida

Since its founding, 1000 Friends has firmly believed that citizens must play an active role in the communities’ planning process in order to create sustainable, vital and livable communities.  Check out how you can become more involved in your community’s local planning process.  1000 Friends has prepared reader-friendly publications on growth management at the local level, citizen participation, and more.

Click here to find links to 1000 Friends’ publications, key state agencies and more.