1000 Friends of Florida


Informed citizen participation is at the heart of all that 1000 Friends of Florida does.  This is how we work to improve the quality of life for all Floridians:

  • Provide educational workshops, timely webinars and informative and award-winning manuals and handbooks to share how citizens can be effective community stewards.
  • Advocate in the halls of the Legislature against sprawl-inducing legislation and promote public policy to support sustainable communities.
  • Fight in the courts to uphold key growth management principles and maintain the rights of citizens to participate in their community’s planning process.
  • Lead efforts to fund the acquisition of environmentally sensitive lands and promote affordable workforce housing.
  • Work with the media to generate enlightened coverage around the state.
  • Highlight innovation through the annual Better Community Awards.
  • Share timely information on Facebook, Twitter, through email alerts and in the newsletter, Foresight.

Please join with us at 1000 Friends!  Together we can build a better future for Florida.

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Annual Reports

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